Scope of Yesterday and Today Journal

The Yesterday&Today is a scholarly, peer–reviewed and educationally focused History journal. It is indexed by the South African Department of Higher Education and Training. The journal is currently published in conjunction with The South African Society for History Teaching (SASHT) under the patronage of the Department of Humanities Education, Faculty of Education of the university of Pretoria. Open access to the journal is available on the SASHT, the SciELO and the Boloka websites. The website addresses to find previous and current issues of the Yesterday&Today journal are ,  and

Two double blind, peer–reviewed issues are annually published in July and December.

Scientific research articles cover 75% of the journal: History teaching:

  • Research dealing with the methodology (didactics) and practice of History Education.
  • Topics related to History in Education
  • Themes related to the History of Education

Hands–on articles that covers 25% of the journal are published. Hands–on reports which are articles based on authors’ personal experiences/opinions with history within or outside of the classroom are favoured.