Call for Papers for Vol 3 No 1 2021 (Updated timeline)


Editors of the special issue

Prof Mpine Makoe, Commonwealth of Learning Chair (OER), University of South Africa, South Africa

Dr Tony Mays, Education Specialist, Commonwealth of Learning, Burnaby, Canada.

Reimagining African Teacher Education through Distance for a Post-Pandemic Future

This special call for manuscripts relates to the recent COVID-19 world pandemic and how distance teaching education practitioners on the African continent have handled and managed teaching and learning during this period.

According to the United Nations and UNESCO, Africa is one of the two continents worst hit with millions of children and youth out of school, and many teachers having not been previously prepared to take up distance teaching (as recommended) or provided with the resources to do so (UNESCO, 2020). While the pandemic has shown the vast difference between the haves and the have-nots on the continent, scholars are of the opinion that it could be an opportunity for the continent to reimagine its education system (Focus, 2020). As we reimagine teacher education programmes, we need to be guided by the following questions:

What lessons have teacher education institutions and practitioners learnt and how have they navigated, and are still navigating, this difficult terrain?

How can African teacher education through distance be reimagined for a post-pandemic future while addressing these four major aspects?

1. Distance Teacher Education Content with regards to Curriculum, OER, Assessment and teaching practice
2. Distance Teacher Education Pedagogy with regards to Transformative distance education pedagogies, Hybrid/Blended/Flipped and Online teaching and Virtual collaboration/Digital /Multimodal literacy /competencies
3. Distance Teacher Education and Technology with regards to Technology-enhanced learning, Instructional Design, mobile learning, etc.
4. Management of Distance Teacher Education with regards to Reimagining the distance, Equity, Access/Diversity and inclusion, Learner support and Quality assurance (institutional, programme evaluation, modules, etc., policy and management issues)

Types of manuscripts sought

The Special Issue seeks contributions that are stimulating, addressing challenging difficulties and possible solutions, which are well-researched, show-casing innovative teaching and learning practices with evidence (e.g. preliminary) of results. It is also interested in papers that focus on moving from practice to theory – a gap in the field of distance education.

Proposal for manuscript

Send a proposal for manuscript to 

The proposal should include:
a. the title,
b. a brief abstract (maximum word count of 300 words, including between four and six keywords. The abstract should focus on the main content of the research (rationale, conceptual/theoretical framework, design and methodology, findings and conclusion). Authors are also requested to visit the TETFLE website for examples of article abstracts.
c. the author’s name(s), affiliation(s), and contact details.

The closing date for proposal submission is 30 June 2021. Authors will be given feedback on their proposal within two weeks of submission.

Manuscript Submission Instructions

If an abstract is accepted, submit manuscripts for this special issue through the TETFLE online submission system.

When submitting your manuscript, please include a note in the 'Comments' field that you wish it to be considered for the Special Issue on "Reimagining African Teacher Education" of TETFLE.

Carefully review the Author Guidelines and Submission Preparation Checklist and prepare your manuscript accordingly.

Information about the peer review process and criteria is also available on the platform.

Planned publication date

Updated timeline:
Call for papers
Date 15 February 2021

Submission of abstracts
31 August 2021 (Latest date)

Manuscript submission
30 November 2021

Accepted manuscripts will be published
June 2022

Additional information

This call for papers is also open to presenters of papers at the 2021 DETA Conference that will be hosted by the University of Pretoria in conjunction with Saide ( and will take place virtually between 3 and 5 August 2021. Papers should both pertain to the conference theme, 'Reimagining African Teacher Education through Distance for a Post-Pandemic Future' and sub-themes (, and to the focus of the journal, the details of which can be accessed on the journal website (

Focus. 2020. Covid-19 brings opportunity for a learning evolution in SA. 08 July 2020. 
UNESCO. (2020). School closures caused by Coronavirus (Covid-19). 08 May, 2020.