The Journal of Student Affairs in Africa is published for the Society for the Professionalization of Student Affairs in Africa (SPSAA), the association of executive editors ofthe journal, in partnership with various organisations, including the Faculty of Education of the University of Pretoria, the ESI Press in the Faculty of Humanities of the University of Pretoria, the African Minds Trust, and the International Association of Student Affairs and Services (IASAS).

Sources of Support

JSAA is a not-for-profit, scholarly and professional journal that is supported by its sponsoring organisations, donors and contributions of supporters, as well as the work of volunteers. JSAA is grateful for the funding support it receives from the University of Pretoria since 2021. In the past, the Journal has received funding support from African Minds publisher, the University of Stellenbosch, as well as funding contributions from guest-editors.

JSAA is a diamond open access journal. Authors publish free of charge; there are no processing or page fees. However, JSAA requires publishing contributions from the guest editors for the publication of guest-edited issues. JSAA may request and receive contributions in support of the publication of specific items and/or to enable certain activities (see   in pursuit of the developmental aims of the journal and to enhance its financial sustainability. 


JSAA's finances are handled through the African Minds Trust.