Editorial Team


Prof. Teboho Moja, Professor of Higher Education, New York University; Extra-ordinary Professor of Higher Education, University of the Western Cape, and Visiting Research Fellow, University of Pretoria, South Africa

Editorial Executive

Prof. Teboho Moja, Professor of Higher Education, New York University; Extra-ordinary Professor of Higher Education, University of the Western Cape, and Visiting Research Fellow, University of Pretoria, South Africa. Email: teboho.moja@nyu.edu

Birgit Schreiber, Ph.D., is a consulting expert for the international higher education sector, has served in senior leadership positions, with expertise in Sub-Saharan Africa and Europe higher education with focus on student success, leadership, digitalisation, DEI and gender. Birgit has worked with a range of national and trans-national bodies, notably USAf South Africa, DAAD and ERASMUS, teaches, does research and supervision, programme design and policy development. She is appointed as Extraordinary Professor at her Alma Mater, UWC, in Cape Town. Her PhD is in psychology, registered as psychotherapist at the HPCSA. Birgit has over 90 articles, chapters and books, on various themes around social justice, student affairs, student engagement and higher education leadership, gender and SDGs. She was the founding editor and is the editorial executive of the Journal for Student Affairs in Africa (JSAA), she is on the board of the Journal of College Student Development (JCSD) and a Column Editor for the Journal of College and Character (JCC). After being the Africa Chair and Vice President, she serves as the President for the International Association of Student Affairs and Services. She has received numerous awards, most recently the Noam Chomsky Award for international research and the NASPA Award for international practice. She is a member of the Africa Centre at the Albert Ludwig University Freiburg, Germany, research associate at Pretoria University, Germany Director for the STAR Scholars Network and sits on various boards (SANRC Johannesburg, CASHEF Pretoria). 


Prof. Thierry M Luescher, Strategic Lead: Equitable Education, Human Sciences Research Council, Cape Town; Adjunct Professor: Critical Studies in Higher Education Transformation, Nelson Mandela University, and Research Fellow in Higher Education, University of the Free State, South Africa. Email: tluescher@hsrc.ac.za

Section Editors

Dr Bekele Workie Ayele, Senior Lecturer: Department of Curriculum and Instruction, College of Education and Behavioral Sciences, Kotebe University of Education, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. Email: bekeleworkie@gmail.com

Dr Angelina Wilson Fadiji, Senior Lecturer: Psychology, De Montfort University, Leicester, United Kingdom. Email: angelina.wilsonfadija@dmu.ac.uk

Dr Henry Mason, Directorate: Student Development and Support, Tshwane University of Technology, South Africa. Email: MasonH@tut.ac.za

Dr Dominique Mwepu, University of Maryland, College Park and University of the District of Columbia, Washington, DC (French language editor). Email: dmwepu@gmail.com

Dr Annsilla Nyar-Ndlovu, Director: South African National Resource Centre for the First-Year Experience and Students in Transition (SANRC), University of Johannesburg, South Africa. Email: anyar@uj.ac.za 

Dr Vicki Trowler, Post-doctoral Research Assistant: Pedagogic Research, Department of Chemical Sciences, School of Applied Sciences, University of Huddersfield, United Kingdom. Email: v.trowler@hud.ac.uk

Dr Angelique Wildschut, Chief Research Specialist: Equitable Education and Economies, Human Sciences Research Council, Cape Town, South Africa. Email: awildschut@hsrc.ac.za

Journal Manager

Ms Bronwin Sebonka, Departmental Administrator: Faculty of Education, University of Pretoria, South Africa. Email: bs.sebonka@up.ac.za

International Editorial Advisory Board

Dr Martin Mandew, University of the Free State
Dr Lisa Bardill Moscaritolo, Purdue University
Dr John Butler-Adam, SA Journal of Science
Prof. Ronelle Carolissen, Stellenbosch University
Prof. Jon Dalton, Emeritus, Florida State University
Dr Tom Ellett, Quinnipiac University
Prof. Magda Fourie-Malherbe, Emerita, Stellenbosch University
Prof. Ransford E.V. Gyampo, University of Ghana
Dr Manja Klemenčič, Harvard University
Prof. Patrício Langa, Universidade Eduardo Mondlane
Prof. Sioux McKenna, Rhodes University
Dr Ibrahim Ogachi Oanda, Mastercard Foundation
Dr Adesoji Oni, University of Lagos
Prof. Dawn Person, California State University Fullerton
Prof. Akilagpa Sawyerr, Ghana Academy of Arts and Sciences
Distinguished Prof. John Schuh, Emeritus, Iowa State University
Prof. Juma Shabani, University of Burundi
Distinguished Prof. Vincent Tinto, Emeritus, Syracuse University
Prof. Saloshna Vandeyar, University of Pretoria
Prof. Nan Yeld, University of Cape Town

Technical Support / Web Hosting

Ms Heather A. Thuynsma, Communications Manager: Faculty of Humanities, University of Pretoria, South Africa, email: heather.thuynsma@up.ac.za


Dr Francois van Schalkwyk and Ms Imkhitha Nzungu, African Minds Trust, Cape Town, South Africa, email:  imkhitha@africanminds.co.za