Editorial: Preface by journal patron


  • Lullu Tshiwula




student affairs, African regions, enabling development and support, theoretical frameworks


This journal should provide a space for conversations on matters relevant to student affairs – for example, how different African regions respond to their contextual realities – and reflect on those lessons for others to learn from. It would be interesting, for example, to read about how policy influences higher education, specifically student affairs, and what students’ experiences are on the African continent. As citizens of this continent, there is a general awareness that resources are stretched very thin among each country’s priorities. And despite this reality, students show resilience towards their studies. It is envisaged that this journal will contribute to a further development of theoretical frameworks that are informed by an African reality and an understanding of the myriad challenges facing students. The role of student affairs is to create spaces of enabling development and support, to produce a graduate capable of functioning globally without losing a sense of local and national realities and perspectives, specific to the advancement of the African continent.