Editorial Team

As of 2022 (Volume 44, no. 1), the journal has a new editorial collective. The team remains committed to the defined mission, promoting strategic analysis of socio-political, -economic and -cultural developments that relate to and impact on Southern Africa and the African continent. The journal facilitates and promotes debate among scholars, policymakers, practitioners, students, and activists, strengthening the discourse on democracy, human rights and freedoms, security and peacebuilding, governance, the rule of law, sustainable development, social and ecological justice, and civil liberties. It is a multi-disciplinary forum, where interaction can transcend purely academic debate, so as to reach out to wider audiences and as many stakeholders as possible in the policy and civil society communities.

Contributions to stimulate an engaged and engaging exchange include theoretical and empirical analyses, reports, debates, reviews, other briefings, and interventions. Scholarly articles are subjected to rigorous quality control and peer review, maintaining, and protecting the journal’s academic credentials.

The members of the editorial collective are:
Sandy Africa, University of Pretoria

Victoria Graham, University of Johannesburg

Christopher Isike, University of Pretoria

Faith Mabera, Institute for Global Dialogue

Henning Melber, Nordic Africa Institute and University of Pretoria (managing co-editor)

Heather Thuynsma, University of Pretoria (managing co-editor)

Mellissa Mlambo, University of Pretoria

Patience Mususa, Nordic Africa Institute

Christopher Changwe Nshimbi, University of Pretoria