Editorial Team

As of 2018 (Volume 41, no. 2), the journal had new editorial team led by Professor Siphamandla Zondi as editor-in-chief until 2021. The team continued the founding mission to engage in strategic and political analysis of socio-political developments that impact Southern Africa and Africa. The changes made were intended to facilitate more vigorous and enlightened debate among scholars, policymakers, practitioners, students and activists, in order to contribute to the wider global discourse on democracy, human rights and freedoms, security, governance, the rule of law, development, social and ecological justice, and innovation and technology. The journal, therefore, seeks to establish a multi-disciplinary forum, where plural and open‐minded interaction can transcend purely academic debate, so as to reach out to wider audiences and involve as many stakeholders as possible in the policy and civil society communities. 

The team aimed to stimulate an engaged and engaging exchange by means of academic analyses, reports, debates, a review section and other briefings. Academic articles were subjected to impeccable quality control and peer review to uphold the journal’s scholarly credentials.

The editorial team members for 2018 to 2021 are:

Siphamandla Zondi (Editor‐in‐chief)
Kgothatso Shai, University of Limpopo (Book review editor)
Everisto Benyera, University of South Africa (Associate editor)

Efforts to improve the gender balance by recruiting a black woman to join the team are on-going. It is a weakness, we admit.