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Pretoria Student Law Review: 2021 Editorial Board Biographies

Phenyo Sekati: Editor-in-Chief
Phenyo is a BCom Law graduate and final year LL.B student.

“Every first draft is perfect, because all a first draft has to do is exist” - Jane Smiley

Phenyo has served as member of the Editorial Board for the 2020 term and has also served as both Secretary and Vice-Chairperson in the University of Pretoria’s Moot Executive Committee. Phenyo has organised, judged, coached and participated in various internal, national and international moot court competitions.
Phenyo has also served as a House Committee member in her residence, House Erica, where she ran a Transformation Forum and a Publications and Marketing portfolio which released two publications with her acting as the Editor-in-Chief.
Phenyo is passionate about public international law, particularly human rights law and public international law.

Adelaide Chagopa: Senior Editor

“What is the worth in anything we do? The worth is in the act. Your worth halts when you surrender the will to change and experience life. So, breathe, that in itself counts.” - Saphira, Inheritance Cycle

Adelaide is a Master’s student with the Centre for Human Rights.

Adelaide is an LL.B graduate from the University of the Witwatersrand where she also completed an LL.M in Environmental Law which focused on the institutionalisation of water resources. Adelaide presented her research at the Wits Symposium on Water; ‘WATERSHED’ in 2018.
She hopes to one day re-establish a ‘green court’ in South Africa and increase the number of environmental cases that are litigated purely on the environmental laws.
Her passions include reading, biodiversity conservation, water law and watching terrible films.

MP Fourie: Editor

"Writing is making sense of life. You work your whole life and maybe you've made sense of one small area" - Nadine Gordimer

MP completed his BCom Law degree cum laude and is currently in his final year of LL.B studies.
He has tutored in the Department of Accounting and is involved in numerous student structures, including service as the Vice-Chairperson of the UP Debatsvereniging and Head of Academic Development of the Tuks Leadership and Individual Programme.
His fields of interest include the law of delict, personality rights, and constitutional law. He enjoys morning walks, bird-watching, and drawing.

Odirile Matladi: Editor

“Do your best while also remembering: your worth is not attached to what you accomplish” - Morgan Harper Nichols

Odirile Matladi is a BCom Law graduate and final year LL.B student. She wears her passion for social and economic justice on her sleeve.
She is a dedicated volunteer and mentee of Sinako We Can, an organisation which seeks to demystify the legal profession and put aspiring legal practitioners in touch with mentors who are established in the profession. She volunteers her time and often assists with the administration and facilitation of the tours held at the Constitutional Court.
Over the years she has served on the TuksRes Women in Leadership Academy managerial board. As a facilitator in 2018, she facilitated content sessions on social issues, personal development and leadership skills. As the Co-board Director and Team Manager in 2019, she managed and mentored the facilitators of TRWLA. Odirile currently serves as the Director where she is tasked with leading and managing processes of developing a strategic advocacy plan, while keeping up to date with problems affecting young women at the University and generating ideas for transformation.

Cebolenkosi Ramaube: Editor

“I love my mother. And I love being black.” - Naledi Sikhakhane

Cebolenkosi is BA(Law) graduate from the University of Pretoria and final year LL.B student.
She is also a member of the Law House Marketing and Media Subcommittee and the former secretary of the religious organisation, NATESA at the University of Pretoria.
Cebolenkosi also participated in the Group 621 Commercial Law Moot. Having a myriad of interests is a core part of her being. These interests range from property law, conveyancing, child law to gaming and simpler things such as beadwork.

Khalipha Shange: Editor

“The myth of integration as propounded under the banner of the liberal ideology must be cracked because it makes people believe that something is being achieved when in reality the artificially integrated circles are a soporific to the blacks while salving the consciences of the few guilt-stricken whites” - Bantu Steve Biko

Khalipha Shange is a LL.B degree graduate and is currently enrolled for an LLM programme in the Mercantile Law department at the University of Pretoria. 

His passion for insolvency is what underlies his research interest in this particular field of law. In an attempt to make a valuable contribution to the legal scholarship, Khalipha published an article ‘Consumer over-indebtedness landscape: The obliteration of a creditor-oriented approach through the debt intervention procedure?’ in the 2020 Annual Edition of the PSLR.

Moreover, Khalipha is a former sitting Judge in the Constitutional Tribunal of the University of Pretoria which is the judicial arm of student governance.

Marno Swart: Editor

“A writer, I think, is someone who pays attention to the world.” - Susan Sontag

Marno is currently a LL.B graduate and completed his BA(Law) degree in 2019. He has been employed in the Department of Public Law since 2018, first as a tutor and later as an assistant lecturer, working for the modules Constitutional Law, Statutory Interpretation and Public International Law.
He has also served on several student structures, including as Chairperson of the Tuks Leadership and Individual Programme (TULIP) for the 2017/2018 term, and as a judge of the University of Pretoria Constitutional Tribunal in 2019.

Marno has a keen interest in public law and is currently pursuing an LLM in Medical and Human Rights law in 2021. He likes dogs, funky socks, hats in general and the colour blue.

Dr Ntandokayise Ndlovu: External Editor

"Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things you didn’t do than by the ones you did do. So, throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbour. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover." - Anon

Ntandokayise is a burgeoning international human rights lawyer and holds a Masters' degree in Human Rights Law and Bachelor of Laws degree (cum laude) from Nelson R Mandela School of Law at the University of Fort Hare in East London, South Africa. He recently completed his Doctor of Laws (LL. D) research specialising in international children's rights and harmful practices.

His research interests are in International Law, International Human Rights Law, and Education and the Law and child participation in policy and legislative development. Ntando is also an intern for the Policy, Legislation and Governance Section of United Nations Habitat and an associated editor for South African Journal on Human Rights.

He has also participated (as an intern), in the Assessment of the Impact of Decisions of the Constitutional Court and Supreme Court of Appeal on the Transformation of Society Final Report (Constitutional Justice Report) Prepared for The Department of Justice and Constitutional Development by the Democracy, Governance and Service Delivery Research Programme of the Human Sciences Research Council in partnership with the Nelson R Mandela School of Law of the University of Fort Hare. The project sought to assess the impact of the Constitutional Court and the Supreme Court of Appeal on the lived experiences of all South Africans, particularly in respect of the adjudication and implementation of socio-economic rights within the context of a capable and developmental state.

Ntando Sindane: External Editor

"O my body, make of me always a man who questions!" - Frantz Fanon

Ntando Sindane is an academic, researcher, and activist based in Mangaung, South Africa. He writes for various popular South African media outlets and is Assistant Editor at Decolonial Passage Literary Magazine.

His research interests include decolonisation, particularly in relation to the pedagogical framework of the intellectual property law curriculum in South African universities.

He holds the LLB and LLM degrees from the University of South Africa and is currently making preparations towards a PhD degree in Intellectual Property Law. His LLM dissertation is titled, “The Call to Decolonise Higher Education: Copyright Law Through an African Lens.” He is an ardent follower of Test Cricket, and an undying supporter of Kaizer Chiefs Football club, #Amakhosi4Life!

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