Book Review Guidelines

Armonia aims to become an accredited bi-annual scholarly journal published by the Emerging Scholars Imprint (ESI). ESI was started and is supported by the Faculty of Humanities at the University of Pretoria. Members of the editorial group are from various Institutions. Armonia has a transdisciplinary International Advisory Board. The journal is a forum for scholarly exchanges dedicated to young and emergent scholars. It seeks to engage in dialogue with forward-looking emerging scholars on multidisciplinary issues related to contemporary social, political and economic conditions. It focuses on both domestic and international challenges.

Armonia seeks to have a regular Book Review section, which presents relevant new publications. Review essays dealing with a particular thematic focus of relevance and reviewing several books are encouraged. They are considered as scholarly essays in their own right and are published ahead of the book review section with further cross references to other relevant literature and the topical debate. Like individual book reviews, they should have a scholars and students, but also policy makers and practitioners in the particular field as target groups and readers.

All reviews are guided by academic standards, intellectual fairness and accuracy. They should refrain from overtly positive reviews, which should avoid to be viewed as unqualified praise. A review should also go beyond a mere factual summary of the content of a book and the contents of the book blurbs and covers texts, put the publication into the wider context of the current state of the art and reflect upon its scholarly as well as policy relevance.

Book reviews should on average have a length between 700 and 1200 words. In exceptional cases they can exceed the upper limit. Depending on the substance and the character of the publication, reviews can also be shorter and rather in the form of a factual annotation between 300 and 500 words.

Reviewed titles should be cited as follow: Authors/editors name/first name, book title (in Italics), Place of publication, and publisher, year of publication, pages. For example:

Frog, Padda/Tiger, Cheetah (eds), The Survival of Nature’s Diversity. Towards a non-Darwinist Perspective. Olifantsdorp: Fauna Press 2012, 302 pp.

Citations in the review should add the page number in brackets (p 152). The reviewer should add his/her name and institutional affiliation at the end. Armonia kindly invites potential reviewers to submit proposals for the review of books or suggest review articles. Communication concerning the review section should be addressed to the journal’s review editor, Mr Austin Pinkerton: