About the Journal

Armonia is a forward-looking multidisciplinary journal focusing on solutions to contemporary issues. While contemporary issues might often seem intricate and overwhelming, Armonia holds the belief that multidimensional problems can be solved with transdisciplinary and innovative solutions. Building on its solution-oriented approach, Armonia aims to rally the creativity of emerging scholars who believe that problems are meant to be solved. To achieve this goal, Armonia endeavours to explore contemporary issues from a diversity of perspectives to overcome the boundaries of disciplines. To this end, the journal invites the input from postgraduates from all fields to engage in a constructive exchange of ideas to bring harmony to our social, political and economic order.

Armonia aims to position itself as an intellectual training ground for postgraduates to sharpen their problem-solving skills and better equip themselves to tackle the problems that are so persistent that they seem to be the norm of today. After all, today’s problems need not be tomorrow’s.