About the Journal

Alternate Horizons is an online writing platform that encourages emerging scholars and students to publish academic style short articles and opinion pieces.

This platform looks to encourage students from different fields and backgrounds to critically reflect and  explore themes that are not directly related to their fields. Each month explores a different topic and encourages students of all persuasions to contribute their thoughts.

While articles that are published through Alternate Horizons do not conform to traditional academic articles, they are academically referenced, and peer reviewed to ensure the work’s quality.  

Publications are uploaded regularly and are shared with other UP-aligned platforms to increase the audience of each article.

We invite all students to submit their work here.


Current Issue

2021: Politics Month
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This issue was inspired by the local government elections that took place on the 1st of November 2021. The literature on elections and democracy is extensive, as is the literature on politics. This issue shares some of the opinions on "the state of our democracy".

Published: 2021-12-09
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